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Why color your hair in a salon?

Professional color and the benefits of having it done in a salon.

why you should have your hair colored by a professional

Color can make the difference, you can look younger, softer, professional, stylish and more beautiful. A professional colorist can consult with you, see you in realtime, listen to you, understand your needs and your lifestyle. The color can be natural, enhanced or exaggerated, depending on what you feel like in the moment.

A good professional will discuss these wishes and desires with you and interpret them. A free consultation is always the way to go, make sure you feel compatibility and understanding, show pictures old new, Pinterest if your really determined to have a certain look. A good colorist will always advise and add to your suggestions just to make sure your both in agreement.

There are variations of coloring, many techniques such as:

Single process is a permanent color used all over the hair. This is generally used for a big color change or grey coverage and because it’s permanent it will grow out and then you may have to re-visit the salon between 4-6 weeks for a re-touch ( most people grow about 1/2 inch every 6 weeks). Although a lot of women over 40 will grow a little faster when covering grey.

Demi-permanent will be generally applied all over the hair and it can cover grey (if it is not resistant). This is a color that slightly dents the hair surface. It can last for several weeks and can be a great alternative to permanent color for grey coverage as it simply fades of so it is less obvious.

Semi-permanent is a surface color great for a fun color change if you want to go darker or you want to improve and fill in the porous hair surface. This lasts 4-6 weeks and is sometimes called a gloss/glaze color on the hair surface as it simply does that, creating more volume and shine to the hair. Great for all hair types and a good way to test a darker color without a permanent effect. Also great during the summer to control lifting color and sun damage.

Highlights and lowlights

Highlights think summer, lift, brightness , volume. Yes a great way to maximize on all these areas. They don’t need to be blond just lighter than the base hair color. There are many different applications for highlights. When you feel the hair is looking flat, just add some highlights a great way to make a change, bringing a woke new look to and old color.

Low lights fall, winter, depth, richness, volume. Change the way you feel and go with the season, feel warmer more cosy and relaxed, soften your look.have many colors, place the color where you feel you want to reflect best.

All of these color suggestions can be mixed in a variety of different ways, good professionals will be able to harness all the technique’s new and old to give you the looks that you so desire. Color can also make fine hair look fuller when applied professionally as we can be much more exact with the application. Good color can improve the condition of the hair immensely.
Good color fades nicely and loses those drab flat brassy hues that we call Drabbers in the industry.

In-salon color verses home hair color.

We take the guess work out of it.
We limit the trial and error.
We take care of mess and spillage.
We make sure you are gowned and cleaned, ready to go to the office or the party.
We advise you on the timeframe in which to re-book, making sure that your always looking polished and as natural as possible with whatever color you choose, grey coverage etc. keeping those re-growth lines to a minimum.
We advise on home care and how to maintain your color and hair condition.
We keep up with the trends and training on new and innovative products.
We work with you always to make you happy and satisfied.
We are the professionals, not the box, we listen and talk back to you in real-time.
We are always happy to ensure your in the best possible hands, leaving us to do what we love to do best.
Serve and satisfy you.

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