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Spice up your hair style

Have fun and spice up your hair with temporary changes that will glamorize your everyday hair style.

hairstyle bangs

Add A Bang: Allowing your hairstylist to add a bang (or creating a faux bang) can change your look instantly. Long and side swept, bold Betty Page, blunt, textured and wispy, or cheek bone enhancing bangs can all create a glamorous effect. Style your bangs with a smoothing product such as Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again to add a shiny luster effect to the hair.


hairstyle faux bob

The Faux Bob: This look can take the bangs one step further. Use a texture spray and back comb the under part of your hair, starting at the lower back of the head to the ends. Use pins to tuck the teased hair under and leave a smooth layer of un-teased hair on top. Add waves,curls, or a head piece for a vintage glamour look.


hairstyle color

Temporary Color: Use temporary hair color such as Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Bug to add shiny gold highlights to your hair. This product is easy to use and washes out after one shampoo. Excellent for photographic looks! Try tying in fine strands of hair tinsel. This gives a festive addition to your hair and can be subtle by only adding a few peek-a-boo strands.


hairstyle get a fresh cut

Get A Fresh Haircut: It might just be time for a new do. See your stylist before the holiday rush and ask for a change. Ask for a cut that blunts the base to create more volume. Add layers to lift everything up. These changes will add styling choices to your repertoire.


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