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How To Sculpt Your Brows

Sculpted Eyebrows

Brows are so important to framing the face. With the right shaping, little makeup is needed and the results go a long way!

Here are instructions on arch shapes and how to fill:

1) First, choose your desired brow shape. Pick a shape that will flatter your face. If you have a longer face, your brow does not require as much arch. If you have a shorter and rounder face, a higher arch will elongate your face.

2) Powder/pencil color should be the same tone as hair color or one shade lighter. (Women with white or grey hair should use blonde or soft taupe).

sculpted eyebrows

3) Apply brow color using soft feathery strokes, starting at the inner corner and working your way out. Fill in areas of sparse hair and create your desired shape.

4) Angle the pencil on its side to taper the end of the brow and make a defined line.

The brow powder or pencil should fade out to a softer shade in the inner corner of the brow to look natural. To achieve this look, use less powder on the inner corner, then more in the middle and end of your brows. You may also use a Q-tip to go back in at the end of the application and remove excess powder from the inner corner by swirling or “smudging” for a softer look.

At J Earleys’ we have powder and pencils for filling brows. Stop by for an eyebrow shaping and mini lesson in eyebrow makeup.

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