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Say Goodbye to Summer Frizz

frizzy hairMake this the summer that everyday is a “good hair” day.

Do you love summer, but dread the hot, humid days when your hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable? If you are frustrated with off-the-shelf products that promise results but don’t deliver, than come in for our Keratin Treatment. It will change the way you think about summer.

Our Keratin Treatment will leave your hair with a soft body and smooth finish. Unlike store-bought products, it is gentle on your hair and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Color Me

A color born from Kevin Murphy, an Australian genius in the world of beauty. This color line delivers gentle with environmentally friendly. It offers optimal color results with a beautiful shine that moisturizes and rejuvenation your hair. It is a hair product that spells integrity all the way through.
color me hair color line
This is where color is at: we are all searching for more nature and Kevin has delivered a product with no Ammonia and PPD (chemicals which we can live without). This is a honey-based line with added pomegranate and Shea butter that yields gentle results on the hair and scalp. Truly delivering beyond all color expectations.

What Color Me delivers to the client:
Tone to tone darker and lighter results,
Full coverage of grey hair,
Color blending and balance,
Color correction.

Kevin Murphy color is a beautiful color that lasts and stays true until it needs to be done again. The key ingredients are:
Honey helps retain moisture and strengthen hair follicles
Shea Butter coats the hair shaft and protects it from damage
Pomegranate provides additional UV protection from the harsh sun rays
Rose Hip for longer lasting results
Coconut Oil adds shine and softness
Aloe Vera / Panthenol soothes and protects sensitive itchy scalps
Sweet Almond provides vitamin E for healthy skin.

Hair colorColor Me color line is a must for anyone prone to sensitivity, damaged or fragile hair. And for those of you who have naturally good conditioned hair, this color line will keep it that way.


Why color your hair in a salon?

Professional color and the benefits of having it done in a salon.

why you should have your hair colored by a professional

Color can make the difference, you can look younger, softer, professional, stylish and more beautiful. A professional colorist can consult with you, see you in realtime, listen to you, understand your needs and your lifestyle. The color can be natural, enhanced or exaggerated, depending on what you feel like in the moment.

A good professional will discuss these wishes and desires with you and interpret them. A free consultation is always the way to go, make sure you feel compatibility and understanding, show pictures old new, Pinterest if your really determined to have a certain look. A good colorist will always advise and add to your suggestions just to make sure your both in agreement.

There are variations of coloring, many techniques such as:

Single process is a permanent color used all over the hair. This is generally used for a big color change or grey coverage and because it’s permanent it will grow out and then you may have to re-visit the salon between 4-6 weeks for a re-touch ( most people grow about 1/2 inch every 6 weeks). Although a lot of women over 40 will grow a little faster when covering grey.

Demi-permanent will be generally applied all over the hair and it can cover grey (if it is not resistant). This is a color that slightly dents the hair surface. It can last for several weeks and can be a great alternative to permanent color for grey coverage as it simply fades of so it is less obvious.

Semi-permanent is a surface color great for a fun color change if you want to go darker or you want to improve and fill in the porous hair surface. This lasts 4-6 weeks and is sometimes called a gloss/glaze color on the hair surface as it simply does that, creating more volume and shine to the hair. Great for all hair types and a good way to test a darker color without a permanent effect. Also great during the summer to control lifting color and sun damage.

Highlights and lowlights

Highlights think summer, lift, brightness , volume. Yes a great way to maximize on all these areas. They don’t need to be blond just lighter than the base hair color. There are many different applications for highlights. When you feel the hair is looking flat, just add some highlights a great way to make a change, bringing a woke new look to and old color.

Low lights fall, winter, depth, richness, volume. Change the way you feel and go with the season, feel warmer more cosy and relaxed, soften your look.have many colors, place the color where you feel you want to reflect best.

All of these color suggestions can be mixed in a variety of different ways, good professionals will be able to harness all the technique’s new and old to give you the looks that you so desire. Color can also make fine hair look fuller when applied professionally as we can be much more exact with the application. Good color can improve the condition of the hair immensely.
Good color fades nicely and loses those drab flat brassy hues that we call Drabbers in the industry.

In-salon color verses home hair color.

We take the guess work out of it.
We limit the trial and error.
We take care of mess and spillage.
We make sure you are gowned and cleaned, ready to go to the office or the party.
We advise you on the timeframe in which to re-book, making sure that your always looking polished and as natural as possible with whatever color you choose, grey coverage etc. keeping those re-growth lines to a minimum.
We advise on home care and how to maintain your color and hair condition.
We keep up with the trends and training on new and innovative products.
We work with you always to make you happy and satisfied.
We are the professionals, not the box, we listen and talk back to you in real-time.
We are always happy to ensure your in the best possible hands, leaving us to do what we love to do best.
Serve and satisfy you.

Spice up your hair style

Have fun and spice up your hair with temporary changes that will glamorize your everyday hair style.

hairstyle bangs

Add A Bang: Allowing your hairstylist to add a bang (or creating a faux bang) can change your look instantly. Long and side swept, bold Betty Page, blunt, textured and wispy, or cheek bone enhancing bangs can all create a glamorous effect. Style your bangs with a smoothing product such as Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again to add a shiny luster effect to the hair.


hairstyle faux bob

The Faux Bob: This look can take the bangs one step further. Use a texture spray and back comb the under part of your hair, starting at the lower back of the head to the ends. Use pins to tuck the teased hair under and leave a smooth layer of un-teased hair on top. Add waves,curls, or a head piece for a vintage glamour look.


hairstyle color

Temporary Color: Use temporary hair color such as Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Bug to add shiny gold highlights to your hair. This product is easy to use and washes out after one shampoo. Excellent for photographic looks! Try tying in fine strands of hair tinsel. This gives a festive addition to your hair and can be subtle by only adding a few peek-a-boo strands.


hairstyle get a fresh cut

Get A Fresh Haircut: It might just be time for a new do. See your stylist before the holiday rush and ask for a change. Ask for a cut that blunts the base to create more volume. Add layers to lift everything up. These changes will add styling choices to your repertoire.


Brrrr. It’s brisk out there!

‘Tis the season to layer.
Think simple luxury: silk and cashmere keep your lines slim and build up that cozy insulation. And who doesn’t love chunky knits — also a great way to go for comfort and easy style. Balance the weight of the sweater with a scarf, an infinity, or a stunning neckpiece to pull your outfit together.

Hair Smarts

Exercise makes you look and feel great. Fantastic! But your hair? Not so much. All that healthy sweat can flatten your style. If you want to go directly from working out to eating out, here’s what you do:

  1. Use a dry spray and work into your roots. Gives you an instant boost and lots of volume.
  2. Or, simply tease your hair, smooth over with a brush, and move over to the side for a low side ponytail. Posh and simple.

What’s your favorite workout place in Brookline?

How To Sculpt Your Brows

Sculpted Eyebrows

Brows are so important to framing the face. With the right shaping, little makeup is needed and the results go a long way!

Here are instructions on arch shapes and how to fill:

1) First, choose your desired brow shape. Pick a shape that will flatter your face. If you have a longer face, your brow does not require as much arch. If you have a shorter and rounder face, a higher arch will elongate your face.

2) Powder/pencil color should be the same tone as hair color or one shade lighter. (Women with white or grey hair should use blonde or soft taupe).

sculpted eyebrows

3) Apply brow color using soft feathery strokes, starting at the inner corner and working your way out. Fill in areas of sparse hair and create your desired shape.

4) Angle the pencil on its side to taper the end of the brow and make a defined line.

The brow powder or pencil should fade out to a softer shade in the inner corner of the brow to look natural. To achieve this look, use less powder on the inner corner, then more in the middle and end of your brows. You may also use a Q-tip to go back in at the end of the application and remove excess powder from the inner corner by swirling or “smudging” for a softer look.

At J Earleys’ we have powder and pencils for filling brows. Stop by for an eyebrow shaping and mini lesson in eyebrow makeup.